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Hi fellow streamers, and lovers of Magic: The Gathering. If we haven’t met yet. I am sorry and hope we get to chat more! My name is Jd Greenidge. I stream at Every month I run a tournament series on where we give back to the community members that support the channel. Thanks to the amazing community giving subs to viewers, and subscribers who decide to play. We run an event to say thank you. So far we have run 2. 

What we like to do along with the series is to invite a fellow streamer to the tournament as a bounty player to collaborate and help our communities have more amazing options and make new friends. We are in the process of running our second one! Where will be our next bounty player. Our first bounty player was



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First Tournament Prize Support and bounty!


Second Tournament Prize Support and bounty!

I will never ever fight with a fellow Content Creator/MTG Streamer for viewers. I prefer to support and see us all provide the best content to the community as possible. Be able to give my viewers the opportunity to watch many other amazing content creators out there.

With that said. I would love to invite you all to my community discord. Where I have set up a Streamer Channel. Where I would like you to be able to talk and collaborate with, as well as to be able to at some point make you all a bounty in events. You are welcome to share your channel and promote it in the promote your channel section as well as promote community building exercises with the community. I hope to see you there. I hope that you also invite your community to join. As you can ask our community members to come visit your discord, in our Discords to check out the channel. When you arrive please dm me. Jastar13 in the channel and let me know to add you to the streamers role.

All I ask, is everyone be respectful! Cheers and Much Love!

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