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Healing Through Magic

Healing Through Magic

#BlackLivesMatter, we know what it means… or do we? We know it includes fighting against discrimination, violence, police brutality, and lack of resources in what can be an unjust system. But it also means changing ourselves and uplifting those around us. Magic: the Gathering, for many like myself, has been a safe place; an escape into a world where I was able to express myself. The game allowed me to travel, meet new people, make friends, find peers and helped shape me to the person I am now. 

To me Magic is more than a game. To me it is as close to a part as me as an extension of my own hand. Activities such as streaming and late night sessions in the safety of local game stores like Neutral Grounds, and The Stand in N.Y.C. allowed me the opportunity to stay out of trouble and to be myself. I am a strong believer that healing starts with community. The willingness to do for others, to teach, to help, to aid.

Let’s give people a safe place to play, let’s teach and give back to communities, schools, and other programs people. Let’s help by standing together in these times of pandemics, pain and fear. Let’s be better. Let’s do better! Let’s reach out to the black youth and the black schools. Let’s reach out to areas that don’t have a place to go to and help them feel at home. Let’s give them a safe place and a hobby. Let’s make this game as inclusive as possible. Let’s change how we think. Let’s change how we act. Let’s work to build each other up instead of tearing each other down. 

I pledge to do better than the day before. I pledge I will continue to stream. I pledge I will continue to raise money through streaming, and the generosity of those out there like myself who want to continue to make change. I pledge to always give Magic products to people. 

I will continue this to my dying breath! Until there is true reform and change in this world. I ask you to do the same. To teach, aid, mentor, support, and help others. To NOT take for granted the opportunities provided to me. To always do my best to pay it forward! 

https://www.twitch.tv/jdgreenidge This is my Stream, if you want to aid. Take the moment to watch, follow, donate, and share. But also come to help me make the changes our workd needs! Help me teach each other.  DO NOT JUST DO IT FOR ME! DO IT FOR THE GAME WE LOVE! For those who bleed magic, and feel alone. For those out there who want to just be seen as a great mage! I will be working on setting up a mentor program. Organizing with many of the faces of the Strong #Black Community that is there. The faces that you don’t always see. I will keep pushing. I will keep trying. Compassion and community is stronger than hate. The Magic community is stronger than that. Stop and listen. LISTEN! LISTEN To your fellow mages that feel as though their voices are going unheard. The Anthony Lowrys, the Deion Smiths, the John Roberts, the Andre Segarras the Amanda Stevens, the Don Brooks… I can go on and on but this list will not end soon! The countless faces and voices who cry out and you don’t hear. Just stop for a moment and listen. Live, love, laugh, game and grow together. Because Magic The Gathering is stronger than hate! Stronger than suffering!

Let’s be the example we need! Let us be the change that people are so afraid of. Let us be what we deserve. I will continue to give back. I will continue to fight for love and equality. May you be Black, Hispanic,  Caucasian, Asian, Native, Mixed, Gay, Bi, Pan, Trans, a red mage, control player, casual, control mid range, judge, organizer, store owner, or everything else you identify as. But, to me we are MAGES, WE ARE PEOPLE! AND WE NEED TO DO BETTER! 

I will be creating a list of many streams, resources! If you want me to add it to this site, reach out! If you want to help, reach out. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY listen to the voices! STOP AND LISTEN!

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